Koi fish FAQ

Welcome to our FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page.  Here you can read the answers to questions that have been sent in by our readers.  On this page you will only find answers to the most common questions that we get asked.  You can however read the answer to all the questions that we have been asked here and submit your own question here.

new headerAre Koi and Goldfish the same thing?

No. Koi and goldfish are not the same thing.  They both belong to the sane type of fishes, the carps but they are not the same species and there is a lot of difference between the two.  The koi will grow a lot bigger than the goldfish.  Both species are however domesticated linebreed carps that have been breed for their ornamental qualities. Both types of fish originates in Asia and both have similar demands but should preferable not be kept with each other.

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Are koi a good choice for my aquarium?

The answer to this question is most likely no. Koi carp grow very big and are not a suitable choice unless you have a very big aquarium.  They are mote suitable for being kept in ponds. The koi are a very bad choice if you are a beginner and have a small aquarium.  They produce a lot of waste and even a small koi can make it hard to keep a small aquarium clean.  They also eat plants.

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Can i feed koi grass clippings?

I know that koi fish enjoy vegetable matter in their diet.  Can i feed them grass clippings from my lawn?

I am going to assume  that you are asking if you can give them some grass clippings every know and then.  Not that you are asking if you can feed them only grass clippings. If you are asking if you can feed them only grass clippings then the answer is no. Koi are best kept on a varied diet containing protein and a number of different types of vegetables an fruit.

If you are asking if you can feed them some clippings to provide them with more variation. Then the answer is yes provided that your Koi like it and provided that you do not spray your lawn with any insecticides or herbicides. Just keep in mind to never give them so much that the water gets polluted from the access clippings that haven’t been eaten.

I received an email from the admin of www.billigrobotgräsklippare.se about my reply. He correctly pointed out that you should not feed your fish using clippings from a gas powered lawnmower. You should only use clippings you have cut manually or with an electric mower. This is to eliminate the risk that you introduce petroleum byproducts into the water.

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Can you eat koi fish?

This is a question we get a lot and we do not know if it is a joke or a genuine question.  I am going to answer it regardless.  Please keep in mind that we do not think that you should eat your koi and does not recommend that you do.

With that said.  There is no know health risk associated with eating koi fish that has been kept in clean water.  Koi that has been kept in polluted water can of course contain dangerous pollutants.  The taste of koi fish would be similar to that of the  carp they have been breed from and similar to other carp species.  Carp species are appreciated food fish in many areas even do i do not like them.  If you like carp you will likely like koi.

I do however not recommend that you eat a koi that has been raised in an aquarium or a small pond.  It is unlikely to taste well due to its environment and the food they are fed in captivity.

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How do i build a Koi pond?

Any garden pond can be used as koi pond provided that it is large enough to keep the water quality high and the water quality low.  If the pond is likely to freeze during the winter you need to be able to move the koi indoors during the winter.  Koi tolerates cold water but need to be able to surface to breath. We will post an article about how to build a pond soon.